Kurt VanArsdel
Artist   •   Composer   •   Performer   •    Playwright

Kurt VanArsdel is an Artist, Composer, Performer and Playwright.  Kurt's solo performances of the theatrical symphony he composed as well as his fun presentation through the 60's to the 80's of Rock & Roll he calls "Listen, Laugh, and the Munchies"  are funny, tender and heart-felt.

Kurt's deepest passion can be found in the relentless pursuit of the musical theatrical production he has dedicated most of his life to writing, learning, designing and composing. That being the life of Jesus, as God become man and the savior of mankind.

For 30 years Kurt worked helping others produce their music, shows, and careers. Kurt also wrote, directed and produced many shows in that time. Recently, Kurt has begun to focus again on his own projects. In addition to fine tuning the theatrical musical, he is also working on an album entitled "To Kiss The Heart Of God" and another called "Revive The Revival!"

His performances have touched audiences in clubs, the concert stage, conventions, retreats, and churches.  Years ago Kurt presented his One-Man Play at the Crystal Cathedral.

Kurt's art, his paintings, and many of his renderings are available as Giclee Prints. His talents also extend into 2D and 3D animations as well as CG and video editing.

His directing skills have produced many excellent and moving stage and video productions.

The most profound part of Kurt is his tender and compassionate heart. He has a deep abiding desire to share with the world the love and grace that he has been given from the One who gave His life for us: Jesus.